Bhutan has unique culture and traditions. Various festivals at various times of the year is being held in different parts of Bhutan. Local festivals as well as festival at a larger community and national level are also being held annually.

The most common festival which is being held annually in each districts of Bhutan is called ‘Tsechu’ meaning 10th day of the Bhutanese Calendar. On this day, various mask dances depicting the history, story telling and displaying the consequences of bad deeds etc are performed. The mask dances are also followed by local dancers with traditional songs.

It is said that by witnessing Tsechu once in a year, our de-merits will be washed away. For this matter, the day is granted as holiday in that particular district to celebrate and witness Tsechu with their families.

Families with the best attire come and witness the Tsechu. It is a pride moment for the people to display their fashion at the best.

Each Dzongkhag or District has the Tsechu scheduled annually at different times of the year. Some of the Tsechu last for 5 days or more.